Hello, we are Tia and Suan and we have been in Second Life for a while. 
Tia joined in 2010, in the good old days when we look like shit. Suan joined in 2015. 
In the beginning it was so hard to find a way around. As a newer one did not know how to make his look beautiful. Today everything is made of mesh. It is getting better (Bento). I soon noticed my passion for shopping and putting together looks. I'm also very excited about photography. That's why I started blogging in 2012. In 2013 I changed the blog. 
Suan felt the same way, so he joined my blog. Apart from blogging and taking photos, we also love the family rp. We are married since 2 years and have 6 children (1 adult and 5 childavas). We hope to tell you with our posts, interesting styling ideas. 
Have fun with our blog...

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